Gpu fan control not working

Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site! GPU fan not spinning is one of the most serious problems faced by some of the graphics card users. A GPU fan is used to cool down the heatsink of the graphics card and prevents it from overheating.

Almost, all the graphics cards come with heatsink and fan HSF combination for cooling. However, there are some passively cooled graphics cards too that come only with heatsink without fan for their cooling, but they are very few in number, and most of them are entry-level or budget graphics cards that can sustain on passive cooling, because of their less heat generation.

5 Tricks to Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning/Working GeForce GTX/RTX [MiniTool News]

These cards are not for high-end gaming and are basically used in HTPC or for building a silent PC for work, and for light gaming. Moreover, some high-end graphics cards come with waterblock for custom liquid cooling and the hybrid ones employ an AIO cooler in combination with a blower type fan.

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A fan is an active cooling component of a graphics card and if it is not spinning at all or not spinning properly, then it is a serious issue that should be resolved as quickly as possible. In some of the serious cases, overheating may result in damage to some of the graphics card components. There can be several reasons or causes that may result in a graphics card fan not to spin. Some of them are related to hardware or software fault, and some of them can be due to some misunderstanding by the users.

So, here I am going to list down list almost every possible cause for GPU fans not spinning problems along with their solutions.

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In most of the cases, the GPU works when fan not spinning, but you can face some issues where both fan and GPU are not working, or when fans are working but GPU is not working. Without getting into any panic mode, first, you have to check that whether the fans of your graphics card are not spinning at all or they are spinning when playing a game or during a GPU intensive workload.

This is because some graphics cards come with semi-passive cooling mode, where the fans stop spinning during idle or in low load conditions unless certain temperature threshold limit is reached, and they start automatically when the load on the GPU increases or the factory specified temperature threshold limit is crossed.

So, in this case, there is nothing to worry about as it is a built-in feature of the card, which is incorporated to provide cool and quiet operation.

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However, if the fan is not spinning under high GPU load or when running heavy games then it is something to be worried about, and have to identify the real cause of it.

Note: In semi-passive cooling mode, the fan may spin during powering on the PC and then stops during idle or low workload situations. In some graphics cards, you can also disable the semi-passive cooling mode and switch to active fan cooling mode via bundled graphics card software or utility for fans to spin all the time.

3070 FE - Fan stop not working properly?

If the fan does not start during playing a heavy game or high GPU load then you can have a faulty fan or another issue.Many users test or use Argus Monitor because they are looking for the best fan control program. Is Argus Monitor the best fan control program?

In our opinion, there is no 'best software' for this purpose. Other programs are cheaper or even freebut either offer only limited functionality or are much more difficult to configure. We try to find a compromise to allow maximum flexibility in fan control with a user interface that is as intuitive as possible.

Even if we try to make everything in the program as self-explanatory as possible, this is not always possible in the context of tooltips and short texts. Therefore we provide this manual in order to describe Argus Monitor's fan control options in more detail if required. Suggestions and improvements are of course always welcome, even if we are not always able to implement every wish. With Argus Monitor you have the possibility to control the speed of the housing and CPU fans installed in your PC depending on various temperature sources.

Furthermore, it is possible to control the graphic card fans depending on the graphic card temperature. The control is only active as long as Argus Monitor is running. After exiting Argus Monitor, the values that were active when the program was started are restored in general, this should be the control via the BIOS. For both GPU fans and fans connected to the mainboard, you can specify separately whether the fan control settings should be activated automatically the next time the program is started.

The day trial version offers the full range of functions, i. If you want to use our program for fan control, we recommend to test it extensively within the test period, whether it meets your expectations. The prerequisite for using the fan control is that your hardware is supported by Argus Monitor. This is the case for almost all mainboards and graphics cards, but individual channels may not be controllable.

This is due either to the design of the mainboard by the mainboard manufacturer or to the monitoring chip used on the mainboard. It is not advisable to use other software for fan control at the same time, as the fan ducts are an exclusive resource that can only be controlled by one program at a time. The control of fans on notebooks is generally problematic with the exception of most Thinkpad models from Lenovoas these rarely allow external access to the fan control. The graphics card fan can be controlled via the 'GPU' page.

With the checkbox Set last setting at startup you can specify that the settings made should be automatically applied each time Argus Monitor is started.

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If you want to operate the fan of the graphics card at a fixed speed, select Manual mode as controller, set the slider to the desired control value and press the Apply button. To control the graphics card fan based on the GPU temperature, you must define a characteristic curve that determines which fan speed should be set for which temperature. To do this, select Software controlled as the controller and then configure the desired characteristic via the Curve button.

In the configuration dialog for the characteristic curves, you can save and reload various characteristic curves. A more detailed description of the function of the characteristic curve can be found below in the description of the control of fans connected to the mainboard.

With the checkbox Set last setting at startup you can specify that the settings made should be applied automatically each time Argus Monitor is started. Before using fan control for the first time, you should adjust the temperature sources and fan channels to your hardware and your needs once.

In this step you can name temperature sources and fan channels and define which sensors and fans appear in the user interface. This step cannot be performed automatically by Argus Monitor because neither the assignment of the temperature sensors nor that of the fan channels is standardized and depends on the motherboard used. The picture shows the configuration dialog for selecting the temperature channels of of one source SuperIO monitoring chip, AIO liquid cooler, power supply, Using the dropdown menu in the top left of this dialog you can select the source you want to configure.

Use the Show checkboxes to specify which of the channels Argus Monitor should use.

GPU Fan Not Spinning: Find out Why & How to Fix it

You can use the text boxes to assign an individual name to each channel. The current measured value is displayed below the name to indicate to which of the channels a temperature sensor is connected. A selection of up to 14 channels is possible.Most guides mention this app as an easy and reliable way to overclock a GPU or undervolt it. To check if your GPU has its own fan, you can look at the packaging or box it came in, or you can Google its model number.

If there is no GPU fan to control, you can use other apps to control the fans on a Windows 10 system.

gpu fan control not working

The sliders on MSI Afterburner may be inactive for two reasons; a problem with the app, a restriction with the hardware. To fix a problem with the app, uninstall it. In that case, the sliders for these two items will not work. MSI Afterburner is easy to use but it is restricted by the hardware that is installed on your system. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Home Windows. Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager from the context menu. Go to the Performance tab on the Task Manager. Select GPU — 1 from the column on the left. Normally, GPUs used in laptops do not have their own fan. Click the settings button on the main MSI Afterburner interface.

Sliders inactive The sliders on MSI Afterburner may be inactive for two reasons; a problem with the app, a restriction with the hardware. Open the Control Panel. Select MSI Afterburner from the list of installed apps. Click the Uninstall button at the top. During the uninstallation process, MSI Afterburner will ask if you want to keep your settings. Make sure you select NO.

Once the app has been uninstalled, install it again and you will be able to control the Memory clock and the Core clock at the very least. Conclusion MSI Afterburner is easy to use but it is restricted by the hardware that is installed on your system. Get daily tips in your inbox. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related Reading.Other links. Create a New Topic. In GeForce Graphics Cards. In Hardware. Community subscriber.

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DR4Z3N Steam window is messed up when maximized.This tutorial provides 5 solutions to help you fix GPU fans not spinning issue. If your computer graphics card fan is not working, you can check the possible solutions in this post to fix it. Specialized in providing computer software and solutions, MiniTool software offers you free data recovery software, hard drive partition manager, system backup and restore software, and more.

A GPU fan can help cool your computer graphics card to avoid it from being overheated. However, some users report the GPU fans not spinning issue. Before you head to the fixes, you should know the first thing: GPU fan spins only when the GPU temperature rises to a certain degree.

You can play a game for a long time and the GPU fans should start up. If you are facing the GPU fan not spinning issue, you can check the possible solutions below to help you fix this problem. Sometimes a computer restart can help resolve many computer problems.

gpu fan control not working

You may restart your Windows computer to see if it can help fix GPU fans stop working issue. Another alternative way to update device drivers to latest versions is to perform a Windows update. Windows will automatically search and install all available latest drivers for your computer.

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After that, you can check if the GPU fans not spinning issue has been fixed, if not, try other tips below. Update drivers of your computer components with ease.

If your computer graphics card has PCle power connectors, you should make sure that they are properly plugged in. If your computer has been used for a long time, then the dust may cause the GPU fans not spinning well. You can remove the GPU and clean it. You can also apply some lightweight mechanical oil on the GPU fans. Then you can install the graphics card and start computer system to see if the GPU fans can work.

How to check PC specs Windows 10? If you know how to assemble computer components, you can also remove the GPU and install it to another computer to test if the GPU fan work well.

Read More.Products Phones Laptops Desktops. Aura Intelligent Cooling. Wallpapers Aura Sync Armoury crate. Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of However I am having some issues with the Tweak II software properly controlling this fan upon Windows start-up.

Both the GPU fans and the External fan work as intended, following the custom fan speed curve that I have set. The only way I can "wake-up" the External fan and get it to follow my custom fan speed curve is to change the main profile for example to Gaming Mode profilethen hit Apply, then set it back to my custom profile then hit apply again. This finally wakes up the External Fan and it now runs based on the custom fan speed curve that I have set in that profile.

Any help would be welcome with regards to why Tweak II is not properly controlling my External Fan upon Windows start-up. Anyone else having similar issues? Same issue on strix The issue persists in all existed versions of the GPU tweak Just wanted to add a couple of updates to what I noticed.

Below is the fan curve I have set for my External Fan.

4 Methods to Reduce CPU/GPU Temperatures

Also, if I set the External Fan to manual fan speed not user defined fan curvethe works fine, upon Windows start-up the fan is spinning constantly at that manual set speed. Seems like there is some bug in the Tweak II software where a user defined fan curve for External Fan is not correctly followed.

Last edited by komosama; at PM.

Fan Control of CPU, GPU, Mainboard and AIO Fans

Only manual reapply of the curve starts the process again. Definitely its a bug of the application. Originally Posted by Al3xG. Hope that this gets resolved. Anyone have any experience in solving this issue? Or reporting it to Asus for fixing in future updates.

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gpu fan control not working

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